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First we begin with our free, no obligation "over the telephone" estimate. We'll start by determining how many rooms you have in your home and the total square footage of your house. Next, we'll give you a price based on this information. Of course, the price is based on your home being in average condition and the rooms being of average size.

So, what if you've been really busy and your house isn’t quite up to the standards you would normally keep it? No problem! Our "in-home" estimate will allow us to better understand your cleaning needs. Our first time cleaning fee will take into consideration the condition of your home, with lower costs for subsequent regular cleanings.

An average house is $110-$140, but we have cleaning plans for almost any budget. Sometimes it is possible to clean a portion of the house on a regular basis and just clean the whole house a few times a year - we can be flexible to design a cleaning plan that fits your needs and budget.

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Example: Average 2,000 square foot house: $115; Kitchen, Dining Room, Living Room, 3 Bedrooms, and 2 Bathrooms (*some restrictions apply)

Moving In/Moving Out and One Time Cleans
Move in/Move out and One Time Cleans follow a checklist that provides an intensive cleaning to the home.

These cleans are done by the hour. This assures that homes that are easier to clean are less expensive, while homes that require extra attention are afforded the time necessary to ensure that the job is done right. 

Whether you are moving in or moving out we can handle all of your cleaning needs. We have specific cleaning packages designed to take care of everything that should be cleaned before you move into your new home - or if you are moving out. Please call us today for a Detailed description of what is included.

* Prices are based on the rooms being in average condition and of average size.